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May 5, 2023:  UPDATE

The TrueBabes production team will be based in Clearwater, Florida through Summer 2023 to enjoy warmer weather, work in fun locations, and avoid hassles of travel back and forth from our homebase in Colorado.

Girls from the Tampa, St. Pete, Gainesville, Sarasota, Ft. Myers and Orlando areas are encouraged to review this page and submit their information today!

We also continue to hire new girls from all across the USA and fly them in at our expense! Girls interested in being one of our new models should review the lower part of this page, complete the form and upload recent images.

 •  Questions, comments or suggestions can be sent to Staff@TrueBabes.com


This page is for girls interested in being paid $200 per hour to appear as models on the popular website TrueBabes.

No modeling experience required. We are scouting for natural females, of all races, in the 18-22 age range from across the USA. We are not able to hire models with breast augmentation or tattoos.

Please read this page carefully. You'll also find good information on the FAQ page and if you have further questions please send them along from the Contact Us page.

model, instead of sugar
modeling for students at college
modeling for Ft. Collins girls

Our main site TrueBabes has been online 16 years and featured over 300 different models from across the country. When we hire girls it's a real modeling job and they get paid. We have a great photographer and make-up girl that together have years of experience working with brand new models and make each shoot easy and fun.

You can take a video look behind the scenes here.

We pay all new models $200 per production hour. Most first time models do a long afternoon photoshoot of about 5-6 hours and take home $1000-$1200. New models that fly in from out of town often stay a full weekend and do two of those afternoon photoshoots so they are taking home around $2000-$2400.

All models are paid on the same day as the photoshoot.

For new models from outside Colorado we also cover all travel expenses for them to fly in and we do our best to plan around their normal school or work schedules.

TrueBabes features glamour style nudity (no sex scenes) in both photos and videos. It is all about how cute, beautiful and sexy the natural models are. Natural means the girls have no tattoos or fake breasts. New models do not need to be tall, have large breasts or have modeling experience. Our entire theme is about taking fun college age girls and turning them into sexy nude models for a day.

Website Modeling
Paid To Pose Naked
Reality TV Modeling

We've been in the picture business over 25 years and can coach new girls as long as they have a good attitude and are fun to work with. You can review our the photos & video on the sample page and get some extra details on the FAQ page

As new models we hire females that have nice facial features and smiles, along with a slim and trim shape that looks great in a tiny bikini, lingerie and nude. Most of our projects and outfits call for the models to have a very fresh and tone appearance. No need to be super tall or have a large cup size. All natural is part of our theme and we are not able to hire models that have tattoos or breast augmentation.

Working with us is a day long project that includes make-up and hair styling, along with the photo & video production. We have a great crew of experienced staff working on all our shoots. We provide everything: make-up and hair styling, outfits, shoes, accessories and more to create great photos & videos. You can see how it all works in the behind the scenes video here.

We are only able to hire girls in the 18-22 age range that have a government issued ID, Driver's license or Passport (it's the law).

If you wish to have some fun, show off a bit, and make some good money, please submit your information and recent photos below. Selfies are fine, but at least one should be topless or naked. We'll reply as soon as possible so please check your email often.

Paid To Pose
modeling for teens
Model Search in Colorado

If you have any questions before applying please call our office at 303-474-4449 (no text) or email Staff@TrueBabes.com.

If your information and photos fit what we're looking for we'll contact you by email to discuss the project further and get your first photoshoot planned.




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