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The Covid-19 virus "Stay at Home" orders, and related concerns, have forced our company Group Five Photosports, along with most photo/video production companies across the country, to cancel all production events over the past 30 days and several weeks into the future.

This post is the most recent information we have available on our own projects and some additional opportunities that female models, or girls aspiring to be models, may be able to participate in during the shelter in place period.

Updated Summer Plans

 •  TrueBabes photoshoots and related productions will remain on hold until such time as the statewide "Stay at Home" order in Colorado is lifted.

 •  For 90 days after the statewide "Stay at Home" order is lifted we are limiting photo & video production to our Littleton, Colorado studio, and nearby shoot house, to insure the facilities are clean and safe.

 •  For 90 days after the statewide "Stay at Home" order is lifted we are limiting new hiring to females that are within driving distance of the Littleton studio (Zip 80120) or that can fly in on non-stop flights at our expense. We will not be doing "On Location" projects in remote locations or with large groups.

 •  For 90 days after the statewide "Stay at Home" order is lifted we will be offering a lingerie & topless option to new models. Our normal production for TrueBabes features college age models posing in lingerie and full soft nude imagery and pays $200 an hour during production ($1200 shoot day). To help a few of our new model friends get restarted after the "Stay at Home" order we'll also hire girls that wish to limit their posing to lingerie and topless at $125 per hour ($750 shoot day), as long as they meet our other requirements.

 •  For 90 days after the statewide "Stay at Home" order is lifted we'll schedule photoshoots outside our normal business hours. We anticipate make-up artists, hair stylists and other helpers to also want to work as much as possible, so we'll work weekends, late evenings or early mid-week mornings - whatever it takes to be flexible and help new girls/models get some paychecks as quickly as possible.

We fully understand that college age girls (18-22) are being hurt by the shutdown. Dorms are closed, classes are cancelled, part-time jobs at the mall or as a server are not active. Our entire business depends on cute girls (18-22). We get it and we'll do the best we can to help models we already know and new girls that want to work with us as soon as the "Stay at Home" order is lifted.

Normal TrueBabes production should restart in the fall of 2020, including our fun projects in Rincon, St. Thomas and Las Vegas.

If you are interested in applying to be one of the first models hired or scheduled after the "Stay at Home" order is lifted, please review the lower part of this page, complete the form and upload recent images / selfies.

Temporary from Home Gigs

In an effort to help our beautiful female model friends, or aspiring models, stay busy, have some fun, and make a little money during these trying times, we are producing some simple projects that can be done from home solo, or with a bit of help from a sister or friend. Read on for more information.

TrueBabes Webcam

The TrueBabes website is now operating as an archive (no new models or photos) due to the virus related stay at home orders. To keeps fans interested (and paying) we are adding extra webcam events and allowing girls 18-22 to participate now even if they have not yet been in the studio for a full photoshoot.

Generally, the TrueBabes website is non-sexual. No sex toys or sex scenes, just beautiful females ages 18-22. Unlike a sex cam site, our fans don't expect too much and models on webcam do not need to ask for "tips" or "tokens" because we pay a flat rate for one hour.

New girls (18-22) that may wish to be one of our TrueBabes models after the "Stay at Home" order is lifted are welcome jump on the webcam now for fun and money from home.

Webcam chats require a laptop or desktop computer, a webcam & microphone (built-in laptop is OK), Google Chrome browser, and a steady internet connection to send out the video. Privacy is also important and we can't have loud friends or neighbors walking in view during the one hour event.

Our webcam chats are encrypted to prevent people saving them, recording them, or sharing them on tube sites. Nothing is installed on your computer but set-up requires a ten minute phone tutorial the first time. Nothing too hard.

TrueBabes webcam chats take place in the evenings (7:00pm, 8:00pm or 9:00pm Colorado time) Sunday - Thursday and run for one hour. The chats are casual, but the model does show off her body to the fans.

Most chats start with her in a bikini or bra/panty set, and later she removes the bra to be topless at least 30 minute of the 60 minute event minimum.

Webcam chats pay $125 (topless) or $200 if the model gets more sexy and showy with full nudity, showing off the private parts. We send payment by Check, Direct Deposit, Venmo or Paypal.

If interested in playing around and showing off on webcam now, while waiting for the "Stay at Home" order to be lifted, please send a message to Staff@TrueBabes.com and we'll reply as soon as possible.

TruePodcasts Interviews

We are working with a former TrueBabes model to open the TruePodcast website in late summer 2020.

The site, and APP, will feature females, up to age 22, being interviewed in a casual manner about their sex life and fantasies. The girls being interviewed get paid between $100 (audio only) and $250 (on video) and many of the interviews can be done from home during while the "Stay at Home" order is active.

Can't be shy! Imagine a couple of college age girls laughing and giggling while comparing stories, their ideal guy, their "first time" and more. Sexy, fun, cute all at the same time.

To participate now you need total privacy and quiet, and at least a great phone connection, but a laptop with a good webcam on Wifi is much better.

If interested please send a message please send a message to Julie at TruePodcasts@gmail.com and we'll reply as soon as possible.

Other News

The gigs listed here temporary. We simply hope to put some money in the hands of a few of our cute girl / model friends while normal jobs, and our own productions schedules, are all on hold.

Webcam events are usually done by models already featured on our TrueBabes site with a laptop we set-up or from our studio.

The podcast recording plan was to do most interviews on HD cams in our studio on a set made up to look like a cute living room.

We are changing both styles temporarily to get a few more people involved and some cash flowing out to friends.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please send a message to Staff@TrueBabes.com

For now, please respect the "Stay at Home" rules as best you can, and stay safe.

Jimmy Stephans and your friends at
Group Five Photosports, LLC.



This page is for girls interested in being paid $200 per hour to appear as models on the popular website TrueBabes.

No modeling experience required. We are scouting for natural females, of all races, in the 18-22 age range from across the USA. We are not able to hire models with breast augmentation or tattoos.

Please read this page carefully. You'll also find good information on the FAQ page and if you have further questions please send them along from the Contact Us page.

model, instead of sugar
modeling for students at college
modeling for Ft. Collins girls

Our main site TrueBabes has been online 15 years and has featured over 300 different models from across the country. When we hire girls it's a real modeling job and they get paid. We have a great photographer and make-up girl that together have years of experience working with brand new models and make each shoot easy and fun.

You can take a video look behind the scenes here.

We pay all new models $200 per production hour. Most first time models do a long afternoon photoshoot of about 5-6 hours and take home $1000-$1200. New models that fly in from out of town often stay a full weekend and do two of those afternoon photoshoots so they are taking home $2000-$2400.

All models are paid on the same day as the photoshoot.

For new models from outside Colorado we also cover all travel expenses for them to fly in and we do our best to plan around their normal school or work schedules.

TrueBabes features glamour style nudity (no sex scenes) in both photos and videos. It is all about how cute, beautiful and sexy the natural models are. Natural means the girls have no tattoos or fake breasts. New models do not need to be tall, have large breasts or have modeling experience. Our entire theme is about taking fun college age girls and turning them into sexy nude models for a day.

Update January 2020

We plan to slowly change the style of TrueBabes from a normal pretty model website with hundreds of models to a sort of hybrid between that and Reality TV.

Viewers of reality TV have seen shows about various sorts of transformations, including the old house that is remodeled, the drug user that goes to rehab, the motorcycle that is highly modified or the fat guy that is helped to lose several pounds.

All those themes encompass a transformation of sorts and our new plans for TrueBabes fall along the same lines. Imagine we locate a cute former prom queen from Dallas, a competitive cheerleader from Atlanta and a gamer girl from Denver - none of them have ever done this style of modeling before - and we then create video stories as they are transformed into daring glamour models posing in a Colorado mansion or on a beach in Hawaii.

The new plan isn't only about shooting and posting photos of a model in lingerie or naked because dozens of websites already do that. We are hoping to create video stories about the entire process from the minute the girl is first selected directly through her photo shoots, and hopefully into a second and third weekend as she comes back to help us with another group of brand new models.

Persons with extensive modeling experience, above the 18-22 age range, that are males, or that are outside the USA might have great model potential, but don't happen to fit the new theme of TrueBabes.

Website Modeling
Paid To Pose Naked
Reality TV Modeling

We've been in the picture business over 25 years and can coach new girls as long as they have a good attitude and are fun to work with.

As our new models we hire females that have nice facial features and smiles, along with a slim and trim shape that looks great in a tiny bikini, lingerie and nude. Most of our projects and outfits call for the models to have a very fresh and tone appearance. No need to be super tall or have a large cup size. All natural is part of our theme and we are not able to hire models that have tattoos or breast augmentation.

Working with us is a day long project that includes make-up and hair styling, along with the photo & video production. We have a great crew of experienced staff working on all our shoots. We provide everything: make-up and hair styling, outfits, shoes, accessories and more to create great photos & videos. You can see how it all works in the behind the scenes video here.

We are only able to hire girls in the 18-22 age range that have a government issued ID, Driver's license or Passport (it's the law).

If you wish to have some fun, show off a bit, and make some good money, please submit your information and recent photos below. Selfies are fine, but they should be topless or naked. We'll reply as soon as possible so please check your email often.

Paid To Pose
modeling for teens
Model Search in Colorado

If you're a fun and energetic young lady between 18 and 22, look good in a bikini and lingerie, and want to get paid while doing this style of work, the first step is to carefully review the photos and video on the sample page and maybe review the extra details on the FAQ page.

If that style of photo and video work matches what you are interested in the second step is to complete the form below and upload photos. The photos should have been taken within the past 2 months and clearly show your face, hair and shape. Selfies are fine. Topless and nude are helpful, but not required. After submitting the form you'll automatically be taken to a page where you can upload more photos if you wish.

If you have any questions before applying please call our office at 303-474-4449 (no text) or email Staff@TrueBabes.com.

If your information and photos fit what we're looking for we'll contact you by email to discuss the project further and get your first photoshoot planned.




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