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About Photographer Jimmy

The name "Jimmy" is a pseudonym or tradename. The real name is Jim Grady but I thought it to be a little plain and boring for the pretty girl picture business. Author maybe - and there is a popular one with that name. Accountant, dentist, maybe, but for a glamour photographer, maybe not so much.

Use of a pseudonym or tradename is very common in entertainment related businesses. Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson. American fashion designer Ralph Lauren; best known for his Polo Ralph Lauren brand, was born Ralph Rueben Lifshitz. And, of course, all the models use a pseudonym or tradename on my websites.

I've been in and out of the pretty girl picture business over 30 years and now consider myself semi-retired. I spend most of my days in Littleton, Colorado, USA, with a few weeks each year in the Red Hook Bay area of St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands as I slowly transition into full retirement over the next few years.

I limit my photography work to a few shoot days each month with new models for my website TrueBabes.com. Shooting 4-6 Days a month is plenty for me.

I'm usually in the office five days a week from 10:00am to 4:00pm Colorado time and you are welcome to contact me using the information on the Contact page or by calling 303-474-4449. Being semi-retired I am very flexible, often taking long lunches with friends, helpers or prospective models, but working late into the evening. I return calls and emails as soon as possible but not always on a normal business schedule.

About My Model Search

I'm always looking for new girls to work with as models on my popular pretty girl website TrueBabes.com (read about it below). I hire girls to be new models and pay them for their time and talent. This is not a modeling school or portfolio shoot. This is a modeling job and all the models here get paid.

I'm looking for girls that fit the style paying subscribers of TrueBabes.com most appreciate. That means girls age 18-20, that do not have tattoos and that haven't been featured on a bunch of other pretty girl websites. Its a slim, trim, all natural look that I like in my photos and the paying fans of TrueBabes.com appreciate most.

I understand that tattoos are popular with some girls in the 18-20 age range but the fans (website subscribers) that pay me (so I can pay models) don't like how they appear in my photos and videos so no tattoos is the firm rule here. I also don't work with girls that have fake boobs or bad scars from car wrecks or giving birth.

I don't need girls to be super tall like fashion models. I'm looking for cute girls with a nice smile and a body style that looks awesome in tiny outfits, lingerie and nude. Lots of short girls fit that description because their face and smile are awesome and their curves are well proportioned. Short girls are welcome to apply here.

It never hurts to apply. Jump over to the Home page to complete the form and be sure to include recent photos so I know what you look like now. Its easy and I'll reply as soon as possible.

I never contact new girls by Text, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter because thats your private space and not where we should discuss business. I always reply by email and ask you to call my office if I'm interested in working with you. That allows you to control who knows that you are interested in modeling here.

I understand how some girls that have just hit 18 and have never modeled before might be a tiny bit nervious about posing nude the first time. If thats the case, please go ahead and apply. If my helpers and I like your style we'll try to schedule a three hour test shoot where you pose in lingerie and topless to see how you like it. This applies only to Colorado girls.

About TrueBabes

My website TrueBabes.com is a softcore pretty girl website that first went online in February of 2004. In those years I've featured over 200 different models from all over the USA. On the site I feature glamour style photos and HD videos of models in daring outfits, lingerie, topless and nude. Its produced in what is called a "softcore" nude style. This means no hardcore sex scenes or sex toys. Just a site showing off how damn beautiful the girl is using glamour photography techniques.

The TrueBabes.com site includes high resolution photos, HD videos, webcam chats with models, live cam streaming from the studio during photo shoots, behind the scenes photos and interesting blog stories.

Production days takes place at my Littleton, Colorado studio, and a couple of times each year at our favorite locations such as Las Vegas or the Virgin Islands. In Colorado its also common to rent or borrow a nice large private home so I can pose models near antique furniture or other unique props and backgrounds. Click over to the Behind the Scenes page to learn more about how shoots are done.

TrueBabes.com is whats known as a subscription website. I charge pretty girl fans $19.95 a month to view all my latest photos and videos with new models. I charge fans because I want to be able to pay all new models a decent hourly wage ($200 an hour during shoots), to have plenty of money available to buy new outfits for girls to pose it, to pay all the helpers that insure the models look awesome, and to pay for all the expenses when I take models to exciting locations and other events.

About The Company

On the TrueBabes.com site, and some pages here, you'll see the name Group Five Photosports. Thats our company name and is properly registered with the State of Colorado and Federal Government (IRS) like all professional businesses should be.

Even with the main business being an online website like TrueBabes.com we maintain offices, licenses, payroll, taxes, records and accounts like any other business. I've been in business over 30 years, originally with partners and listed as a partnership, then in Las Vegas as a Nevada company, and since 2011 back in Colorado as a Limited Liabilty Company (LLC). You are welcome to check my standing with the state at this link by typing Group Five Photosports in the first search box and clicking search.

I'm now semi-retired and only doing photo shoots for TrueBabes.com. I no longer keep a retail (walk-in) location, do other types of photo shoots, or offer retails products such as portraits, DVDs or framed photographs.

About Getting More Info

You can see a few sample photos here. I don't post full nudies on this site to keep them in the subscriber area on TrueBabes.com.

You can get a look behind the scenes here. I've tried to include an image of the photo being taken and what the final shot looked like.

I list my bigger projects on the production schedule here.

If you have further questions before applying please use the easy contact form here or call me at 303-474-4449 during business hours (10:00am - 4:00pm).

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