Contacting Us...


Email is an easy way to contact me, send your questions or comments, and get a reply quickly. I try to answer all messages as soon as possible, including on weekends, and encourage you to check your own email often to get the information you need. You can write by using the form below.

Send a Message


Phone calls are a great way to get lots of questions answered in a short time frame. I'm in the office Monday through Friday from 10:00am to at least 4:00pm, often later and I welcome your calls.

   303-474-4449 (office phones, voice only, no text).

If I don't answer I must be out to lunch or busy in the studio. Please try again at a later time.

Social Media

We do have social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but prefer to not use them to talk business or recruit new models. In our opinion, your social media accounts and pages are your private business. Your ex-boyfriend or jealous girlfriends don't need to know you are hoping to work with us. Its your business, not the entire social world's.

I do sometimes post photos from behind the scenes at photo shoots, list open model jobs, or post updates to my schedule on social media, and you can check them without being on a "Friends List" at these links.


Postal Mail

If you wish to send something by regular mail the correct address is:

Group Five Photosports
40 W. Littleton Bl #210
Littleton, CO. 80120

Please note that this address is for postal mail and packages only. Due to all the travel I do I use a private service to get all my mail and packages. This insures it is safely stored inside and not left on the office steps when I'm are out of town. This address is not for office visit or studio shoots.