Below we list answers to the most common questions we receive from potential models or their friends. If you have additional questions before applying please feel free to call 303-474-4449 or email

What is TrueBabes?

The TrueBabes website opened in February of 2004 to feature college age girls in lingerie, topless and nude photos. The website produces income by charging a monthly subscription fee to fans of attractive females in that age range.

In 2007 we added HD video downloads to the website. These videos featured the same models in the same settings and outfits as the photoshoots.

In 2008 we stopped hiring models that wished to pose only in lingerie, and those that wished to pose in lingerie & topless, but not fully nude. This was done for very simply business reasons - there are dozens of pretty model websites produced across the USA and Europe. Subscribers would leave us if other sites fully nude models, and we only have a few mixed among the girls posing only in lingerie.

In 2009 we started producing photos and HD videos in fun, some times exotic, locations. From our Colorado homebase we have traveled to South Beach (Miami Beach), Florida (4); Las Vegas, Nevada (2); Oahu, Hawaii (2) and St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands (4) for production events over the past few years. This proved popular with the subscribers (customers) and models alike.

In 2011 we started asking all new models to be a bit more "showy" or "sexual" in their posing. This means a bit more open legs and a bit more genital exposure. Like the 2008 policy change, this was done because we have to compete with the other non-porn, but sexy, websites out in the marketplace.

In 2014 we added UHD 4K videos downloads, HD video streaming, and live cam events where subscribers can watch photoshoots taking place in the studio and on some locations.

In 2018 we started removing models from the early years. This was done while also removing older low resolution photos and standard definition (SD) videos. There have been over 300 TrueBabes, but only around 100 remain online at this time.

Several more changes are planned for the near future.

What are some of the changes planned for TrueBabes?

Exactly like television and the movies, online entertainment has changed a lot over the 15 years we've been publishing our glamour style work on TrueBabes. To stay competitive with other sites, and continue to gain subscribers (paying customers), we have several changes planned for late 2019 and into 2020.

One change we plan to pursue has to do with how we select new models. There are thousands of free photos and videos of decent looking women available online by a quick Google search. If we expect pretty girl fans to pay us monthly, and not just search Google, we must step up our model search and look for new girls that are not just "decent" looking, but are "great" looking. We simply need to be more selective.

The next change is that we plan to limit our search to girls that have very little or zero modeling experience. Producing cool photos and videos with new models that are not on any other sites is good for business, compared to using the same models that are found on several other sites. The idea of models with no experience also fit some of the other changes we are planning.

In addition to models with very little experience we also hope to hire new girls that have some sort of other interesting back story or other items in their history or life. Girls that had been the prom queen, a successful competitive or professional cheerleader, a beauty pageant contestant, or active in any sort of competitive sports from soccer to rodeo bring along some interesting experiences we hope to feature.

The primary reason for shifting our focus to girls that will create, or already have, interesting stories is that we hope to slowly transition the TrueBabes website to a little more of a "Reality TV" style and feel. Every site we compete against to gain paying customers has the same two primary features: photos and videos of attractive females, so we need to do things that make us different.

To add the "Reality TV" style and feel to our site we plan to do more video work, but not just the model posing. The new footage will include model and crew interviews, behind the scenes while models are being selected, groups of models and staff out for meals or fun, giggles while outfits are being selected and make-up being done, and much more.

The overall goal is to show more personality to the subscribers. That would include new models that might be a little nervous, and the confident young ladies that have performed in front of crowds in the past as a cheerleader, athlete or pageant contestant. The interaction between them and with our production team is bound to be fun and interesting. It is also something that isn't seen on other websites that feature beautiful nude females.

Reality TV is popular because it shows real people in real interactions, and not just actors saying lines in a script. We feel bring a bit of that, without arguments or drama, to our production events and the TrueBabes website will help make us different and keep fans interested (and paying).

We are trying to develop a theme, like in Reality TV, of taking new models through a transition from "College Girl" to "Nude Glamour Model".

No need to actually be in college, but we want to use that age range to promote the theme "Cute College Girls Become Sexy Nude Glamour Models".

Do the models use a stagename?

Use of a pseudonym, stagename or tradename is very common in entertainment related businesses. Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson. American fashion designer Ralph Lauren; best known for his Polo Ralph Lauren brand, was born Ralph Rueben Lifshitz. No big deal, just name changes that are easy to pronounce and remember.

Most models that we work with also use a stagename for privacy or business reasons. The privacy reasons are obvious, but some models don't understand what we mean by the term "business reasons". The main business reason to use a unique stagename is to create a separate brand around the model.

Imagine we have a new model with the real name of Julie Smith. That is a perfectly fine name, but the website domain name is already taken by somebody else. The name is also already taken on Instagram and Twitter. To make the new model stand out a little, and get a domain name and social media accounts that nobody else is using, we need to select something more unique. A recent example would be a model named Jaclyn with a middle name of Marie. We added an extra "n" to the end of her first name and used her middle name to come up with Jaclynn Marie, which we could use as we wanted.

We always try to use the new model's real first name. The reason is simple - because the video cameras are running all the time. If we know a girl by her real first name it is likely that we are using that name around the studio or other production event. If later she wants to be called by a totally different first name on the website, but some of the videos clips are published with a make-up girl talking to her by another (real) name, it is confusing.

Is this a real company?

Yes, the TrueBabes brand, the website and over 100 other brands, websites or domains are owned and managed by Group Five Photosports, LLC of Littleton, Colorado.

You can review the company's current business standing with the State of Colorado at this link by typing "Group Five Photosports" in the first search box and clicking "Search".

The company has been around more than 20 years and maintains it's own website here where you can review the history and other details.

How many people are at a photoshoot?

A typical photoshoot involves the photographer and at least two female crew members. One is Danielle Nicole, who has done the hair and make-up for most of our projects over the past 12 years. The number of other helpers will depend on the project. If we are working in the studio we'll have people around to help move lights and props, but on projects outside the studio we may limit that to one person because some shoot locations are smaller and become crowded if too many people are around.

The projects described here are not the only ones being produced by our company. We currently have three employees, plus owner/photographer, to manage other websites, maintain the studio space, and attend to other business. In late 2019 we plan to add two more employees as we open our studio building for daily rentals to young photographers that don't yet have their own production space.

How old are the models on TrueBabes?

All the models currently on TrueBabes were between age 18 and 24 at the time of the photoshoot. As we make our changes in late 2019 and into 2020 we plan to limit the ages range to 18-20 or maybe 18-22. That more narrow range will insure the girls can relate to each other very closely behind the scenes and also to allow us to market the website as "cute college girls posing for fun".

Note - no need to actually be in college, but we want to use that age range to promote a bit of theme in many photos and videos. That theme would be "Cute College Girls Become Sexy Nude Glamour Model".

Are the models paid?

Yes, we always pay models for their time and talent. We make money by selling subscriptions to TrueBabes and it's proper to pay the models. As examples, Playboy and Sports Illustrated magazines make money by selling subscriptions to their magazine. Like us, they also pay the models that appear on their websites Playmates and Swimsuit Issue. It's normal.

The current pay rate is $200 per production hour. Most first time models do a long afternoon photoshoot of about 5 hours and take home $1000. New models that fly in from out of town (at our expense) often stay a full weekend and do two of those afternoon photoshoots, thus taking home closer to $2000-$2400.

As we move the website into more of a reality based publication, with lots of behind the scenes interaction, we are considering changing the pay system and moving away from hourly time posing for photos, to a full day based system that would compensate models for that time being recorded while not actually modeling / posing. Something like $1250 to $1500 a day.

We are also planning a bonus system for girls that bring a little something extra to our website. A girl that won in the beauty pageant systems, such as Miss Mississippi or Miss Teen Mississippi, or a girl that was a college cheerleader, or a girl that has a big Instagram following, would be paid extra if she gave us permission to advertise her history and that she is now on TrueBabes.

When are the models paid?

All models are paid on the same day as the photo and video project.

Where are you located?

The TrueBabes & TrueBabesModels websites are managed by Group Five Photosports, LLC. Our office is located in the Downtown Littleton Historic District in Littleton, Colorado and our production studio sits a few blocks away. You can learn more on the Contact Us page.

Only a portion of our photoshoots take place in the Littleton studio. We often rent large local homes to have an authentic background and we've had great success doing photoshoots on location in Florida, Nevada, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands.

What if I have additional questions?

Please feel free to use the information on the Contact Us page to send a message or call our office.


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